Telephone Calls to the Judge

Please do not call the Court expecting to speak with a Judge about any case. The Florida Code of Judicial Conduct which governs behavior by judges does not permit the judges of the First Judicial Circuit to discuss pending cases with any member of the public. The Court is permitted to consider arguments made only in the court proceedings and in documents appropriately filed by any party to a case (petitioner, plaintiff, respondent, defendant, or the attorney for any party).

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Escambia County

Last Name First Name Type Phone
Allen Michael G. Circuit Judge 850-595-3715
Bergosh Gary L. Circuit Judge 850-595-4456
Boles W. Joel Circuit Judge 850-595-4448
Dannheisser Thomas V. Circuit Judge 850-595-4464
Dickey Darlene F. Circuit Judge 850-595-4445
Duncan J. Scott Circuit Judge 850-595-4465
Frydrychowicz Jennifer County Judge 850-595-4427
Kinsey Jennie Circuit Judge 850-595-4442
Kinsey Pat County Judge 850-595-4424
Miller John L. Circuit Judge 850-595-4351
Nickinson, III Edward P. Circuit Judge 850-595-4439
Nobles Linda L. Circuit Judge 850-595-4459
Robinson Coleman Lee Circuit Judge 850-595-3710
Shackelford Jan Circuit Judge 850-595-4453
VACANT VACANT County Judge 850-595-4420
VACANT VACANT County Judge 850-595-4430
Williams Joyce H. County Judge 850-595-4433