Linda L. Nobles

Circuit Judge
Escambia County
"M" and "R"
Judicial Assistant: 
Christina Moore

M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building
190 Governmental Center
Pensacola, FL 32502

Fax : 

Submitting Proposed Orders

Effective January 1, 2015, the Escambia County Clerk will no longer accept proposed orders through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal. You must submit all proposed orders to Judge Nobles by one of the following methods:

1) Hand delivery;

2) U.S. Mail; or

3) E-mailed in Microsoft Word with the title "Proposed Order" and Case Number specified in the subject line to:  

Please do not submit proposed orders by more than one method above.

Should you choose to submit via e-mail, proposed orders may be sent to Judge Nobles' JA and shall copy all parties of record in that transmission.

A minimum of one week should be allowed for the processing of all proposed orders. Once entered, the Court will forward all orders to the Escambia County Clerk so that the Clerk’s Office may furnish the orders to the parties via e-service.

NOTE: Please continue to file all other pleadings/motions with the Clerk of Court. Courtesy copies are welcomed; however, any courtesy copies furnished for the Judge should be submitted only as the actual image of the document filed with the Clerk of Court which includes the electronic filing number, date and time stamp. Motions received at the judge’s office via e-mail, or any other means, are not considered “filed” and will not be processed until properly filed with the Clerk of Court. Any motions/pleadings received without the electronic filing information will be rejected as “not part of the record”.