Domestic Violence Coordinator

Position Title: 
Court Program Specialist I
Job Location: 
Escambia County
Salary Range: 

Scope of Work

The Domestic Violence Coordinator is responsible for providing information, assistance, guidance and referral services to family law litigants and the public on civil injunction cases.  This includes information on forms, procedures, court processes, mandatory requirements, legal services, social services and other community resources.  The Domestic Violence Coordinator reviews, prepares, and schedules civil injunction cases, attends hearings and prepares court orders.  In addition, this position provides case management and case monitoring functions to assist in the coordination and expedition of cases through the court system.  The Domestic Violence Coordinator may be required to provide oversight and training of Case Coordinators. 

Essential Duties                                                                                  

Review and prepare large volume of files for civil domestic violence cases:  review petition and other documents, prepare orders to be completed and distributed in court, conduct criminal background checks on respondents, review companion family cases, compute child support, confirm service of process, document essential data needed for court.

Assist general public and litigants: assist individuals through telephone calls, walk-ins and correspondence regarding general questions or questions related to individual cases, procedures, case status, court processes, community resources, or other requested information. 

Coordinate and manage cases:  review Clerk of Court data base system, family law and other division case files, contact other division staff concerning civil or criminal companion cases. 

Discuss case management, consolidation and coordination issues with judges.       

Attend court hearings:  call and manage docket in civil injunction hearings and complete the

orders as instructed by the judge.  Document information related to litigants and the outcome of

each hearing for follow-up monitoring and monthly reporting. Document or record information

in individual hearings, prepare orders for judges signature and distribution to parties.                   


Participate in educational training and workshops related to family law matters.                

Provide training to new staff and insure continuing legal education.  Provide information and training to other agencies and organizations as requested.

Generally, keep apprised of new legislation, forms, rules and other mandates that require procedural and/or administrative changes or updates.                                                               

Apprise supervisor of matters related to court, the public, procedures, or other agencies that require consideration, problem-solving or other action.        


The position requires regular contact with Court Administration staff, Clerk of Court staff, Family Law Judges, Judicial Assistants, Law Enforcement Agencies, Department of Revenue, Department of Children and Families, State Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, private attorneys, court security and service providers working with children and families in the community.




Equipment used includes computer, facsimile machine, photocopier, calculator, postage meter, telephone, answering machine equipment, and audio equipment.