Domestic Violence Student Assistant - part time

Position Title: 
Domestic Violence Student Assistant - part time
Job Location: 
Santa Rosa County
Salary Range: 
$10.50/hour -25 hours per week




 The Domestic Violence Program Student Assistant assists the Domestic Violence Coordinator in the performance of intake, file preparation, case management and case monitoring of domestic violence injunction cases.  The Student Assistant is responsible for providing information, and referral services to the public and family law litigants related to forms, procedures, court processes, and community resources. The Student Assistant  reviews, summarizes, and flags, files; prepares orders for court; attends hearings to assist the Coordinator with case processing during hearings; monitors and documents compliance with Court ordered treatment; and performs other duties required for program operations under the direction of the Case Coordinator.  

The following duties and responsibilities are not illustrative or exhaustive.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment for the position.


Review and prepare files:  review the file documents, flag essential documents, prepare disposition sheets, enter data and print court orders, compute child support , prepare income deduction orders, confirm service by law enforcement.                                               

Assist general public and litigants:  answer telephone calls from litigants, other agencies and attorneys requesting information or assistance related to cases or hearings.                                                 

Attend court hearings and perform follow-up functions: document information in civil injunction and family court hearings, assist individuals and the court with matters related to programs and procedures such as visitation, child support payments, etc. Monitor court ordered treatment and inform Coordinator of violations.                                                                                          



Review case laws, new legislation, rules and other materials that relate to domestic violence injunction cases.                                                                                                                       

Discuss cases with Coordinator related to procedures and other areas that require consideration, problem-solving or other action.                                                                                         

Attend workshops, meetings, and other functions to learn more about domestic violence and the laws, network with other agencies, etc.                                                                               


The position requires regular contact with Court Administration staff, Clerk of Court staff,  Law Enforcement Agencies, State Attorney's Office, private attorneys, court security and service providers working with children and families in the community.




Equipment used includes computer, facsimile machine, photocopier, microfiche/microfilm reader, typewriter, calculator, postage meter, telephone, answering machine equipment, and audio equipment.