Teen Court Case Manager - Escambia/Santa Rosa

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Teen Court Case Manager - Escambia/Santa Rosa
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Escambia/Santa Rosa
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This position reports to Court Administration and is an Escambia County employee.

SCOPE OF WORK:  The essential function of this position is to provide case management, oversight of hearings, meetings, volunteer recruitment, and educational programs and other activities. This position is responsible for collecting and maintaining case data and program statistics.  This position reports to the Teen Court Coordinator.


Organize and schedule volunteers and defendants for intake meetings, hearings, classes, etc.  Coordinate and maintain a schedule for each hearing of the participating adults and juveniles and their respective capacities/positions within the court.                                                                        

Coordinate and supervise the activities of defendants in the Teen Court program, including but not limited to community service projects, counseling requirements, restitution payments, jury duties, educational programs, school attendance and behavior, and any other requirements of supervision.

Process required paperwork for each defendant including referral forms, waivers, disposition forms, notice of hearings, correspondence, completion and failure notices.   

Conduct intake appointments with children and families to discuss the program, sanctions, deadlines, follow-up plan, and other matters pertaining to their case.                           

Develop and maintain educational materials, conduct Shoplifting and other Law Related Education Courses, prison/jail tours, community projects and/or other ancillary activities related to the program.

Coordinate case management activities with state attorney, participating schools, and other referral agents, providing timely reports and follow-up correspondence on each defendant. 

Serve as liaison for the program to juvenile court, local schools, state attorney’s office, public defender’s office, the Department of Juvenile Justice and the community.                                

Maintain accurate and current files including comprehensive progress notes, legal documents, on all other documentation required in program policy and procedure manual.              

Maintain a data base of client information and provide periodic summary reports on the program.                                                                                                            

Attend staff meetings and interagency meetings.                                                                    

Attend Training/Workshops related to prevention, diversion, and other child issues.              


The position requires regular contact with the Teen Court Coordinator, Clerk of Court Staff, Law Enforcement Agencies, State Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Children and Families, private attorneys, court security, public and private schools.  Work-related are also required with the following agencies: University of West Florida, Pensacola Junior College, Children's Services Center, Lutheran Services of Florida, Lakeview Center, Inc., Baptist Hospital, Children’s Home Society, City Drug and Alcohol Commission, Catholic Charities, Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities, Escambia Santa-Rosa Bar Association, Junior League, Inc., and other public or non-profit agencies in the community.   




Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in criminal justice, legal studies, or a related behavior science field such as social work, psychology, or child development. Knowledge of the criminal justice system and at least one year of experience working with families and supervising adolescents in both group and individual settings. Must be computer literate and possess good communication skills.


Equipment used includes computer, facsimile machine, photocopier, microfiche/microfilm Reader, typewriter, calculator, postage meter, document shredder, overhead projector, telephone, answering machine equipment, audio equipment, video equipment, and personal vehicle.