Unified Family Court Case Manager

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Unified Family Court Case Manager
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Escambia County
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The Unified Family Court (UFC) Case Manager assists the Family Court judge(s) by performing intake, differentiated case management and case monitoring functions for the efficient, informed and expeditious disposition of family court cases. The UFC Case Manager is responsible for providing information, assistance, guidance and referral services to family law litigants, attorneys and other system personnel related to family law forms, procedures, court processes, mandatory requirements, legal services, social services, and other community resources. This position reviews and coordinates related cases and court orders to provide comprehensive information to the courts for each scheduled hearing. The UFC Case Manager prepares orders to consolidate, transfer, schedule hearing or other orders necessary for the coordination and management of multiple related cases. The UFC Case Manager acts as a liaison between families, agencies, and the courts, to ensure the coordination, consolidation, and expedient resolution of the cases. This position manages all cases for the Escambia County Juvenile Courts Division. This position is also responsible for assisting the Domestic Violence Division with researching, scheduling civil injunction cases, attending hearings, preparing and reviewing court orders.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES                                                                                             

Case and data base systems research:  Research all corresponding cases, develop and maintain data base of all related cases and case status, updating for each new case set for hearing before the family law judges. Provide related case information to the court at scheduled hearings.                                                                                     

Review and prepare files:  Review companion files to coordinate and/or consolidate cases as needed to conserve judicial time and resources. Prepare orders to schedule hearings and case transfer orders; brief judge(s) on cases; set case management conferences and/or schedule mediation; prepare summaries for court hearings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Assist public, litigants, and other agency personnel: assist litigants, public and other agency personnel by telephone and in person regarding family court cases. Review Clerk of Court data base system and files to provide information and guidance; informing litigants of additional requirements, issues or concerns related to their case. Coordinate information and services with other agencies dealing with the family.  Give general information to the public to assist them in filing or following up on family court cases.                                                                                                     

Responsible for attending and preparing proposed child support order for Title IV-D Heairngs.

Multi-disciplinary meetings and case staffing:  Sets up interagency committees to discuss court processes, procedures, resources, or other system needs, and to staff crossover cases in the courts. Develop systems for reporting and informing the courts of recommendations from those meetings and for each case staffing.                                                                                                                                                              

Ancillary motions and requests:  assist judges with pre and post judgment orders, ex-parte motions, written correspondence from litigants, and other matters related to processing and moving family law cases to resolution.                                         


Participate in educational training and workshops related to family law matters.  Serve as a representative of Family Court on the Family Law Advisory Group, as well as other interagency committees or groups related to children and family issues and the courts.                                                                                                             

Review new legislation, forms, rules, and other mandates that require procedural and/or administrative changes. Perform research on laws and rules as needed.                  

Communicate with supervisor and judges on matters related to procedures and other areas that require consideration, problem-solving or other action.                                         


The position requires regular contact with the Court Administration staff, Clerk of Court staff, Family Law Judges, Judicial Assistants, Law Enforcement Agencies, Department of Children and Families, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Revenue, State Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, private attorneys, court security, Children=s Advocacy Center, Visitation Centers, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Providers and other service providers working with children and families in the community.


Position may be required to supervise students, interns, or volunteers.


Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Criminal Justice, Social Science, or closely related field.                                              


Equipment used includes computer, facsimile machine, photocopier, microfiche/microfilm reader, typewriter, calculator, postage meter, telephone, answering machine equipment, and audio equipment.