Coleman Lee Robinson

Circuit Judge
Escambia County
"A and K"
Judicial Assistant: 
Jennifer Anderson

M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building
190 Governmental Center
Pensacola, Florida 32502



Zoom Information: Please contact the Court for this information.

Telephone Appearance Preferences: Please contact the Court for this information.

Proposed Orders:

All Proposed Orders must include opposing parties position.

Instructions for Submitting Proposed Orders: Please file all pleadings/motions/proposed orders via the e-portal. Proposed orders should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. The document should be named as follows:

Division case number name what it is


J 2028 CF 156 Brown order to continue

If there is more than one case then a motion and order must be filed in each case and all case numbers are to be listed on each motion and each proposed order. (e.g. defendant has 5 cases there will be 5 motions e-filed and 5 proposed orders submitted through the e-portal for signature). Any courtesy copies furnished for the Judge should be submitted only as a copy of the document filed with the Clerk of Court which includes the electronic filing number, date, and time stamp. Motions received at the Judge's office via e-mail (without the e-filed information), or any other means, are not considered "filed" and will not be processed until properly filed with the Clerk of Court. Any motions/pleadings received without the electronic filing information will be rejected as "not part of the record." 

Motions to Continue for Docket Days:

All Motions to Continue and proposed Orders on Motions to Continue for docket days must have the opposing attorney’s position in them and be filed by the Wednesday preceding docket day at 5:00 p.m. 

Instructions for Scheduling Hearings: Any issue to be considered by Judge Robinson should be in the form of a motion filed with the Clerk of Court with copies provided to all parties of record.  It is the responsibility of the moving party to set the motion for hearing. Requests to set a hearing are scheduled by emailing a copy of the filed motion to the judicial assistant (copying all parties). You should also include the time you are requesting and any other parameters you wish considered and dates will be provided to you; for criminal hearings you should include whether the defendant is in-custody and if so then identify the facility, as well as the number of witnesses you anticipate and whether they are in custody.  Any memoranda, case law, or other documents that parties wish Judge Robinson to consider prior to a hearing should be e-mailed or otherwise delivered at least 48 hours before the hearing. Copies should be provided to all parties in the matter. If a party is submitting a memorandum that cites case law, all cases cited should be provided to the judge.  If you have questions about any of the above information, please contact our office.

Other Divisional Instructions: The Code of Judicial Conduct precludes judicial assistants from making substantive inquiries of the judge on behalf of any attorney or litigant involved in any action. The Code prohibits all judges from considering ex parte (one side only) communications. Judicial assistants cannot provide legal advice to anyone. However, they are more than happy to assist with procedural questions.