Jennifer J. Frydrychowicz

County Judge
Escambia County
"IV" and "Q"
County Court and TEAM Court
Judicial Assistant: 
Hayley D. Faulkner

M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building, Sixth Floor
190 Governmental Center
Pensacola, FL 32502

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Any matter to be considered by the Court should be in the form of a motion filed with the Clerk of Court. Copies should be provided to all parties on record with a courtesy copy supplied by email to the address above.  Defendant’s name and case number should be included in the subject line of any email sent to the Court.  A proposed Order should be included in the email and should be in Word format.  Please provide copies of case law at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled hearing.

It is the responsibility of the moving party to set the motion for hearing and to coordinate that hearing with the Court and all counsel of record.  If, after a motion has been set, a party needs to request a continuance, the moving party is withdrawing the motion, or the motion is conceded, please let opposing counsel and the Court know as soon as practical.  Motions must be filed in a timely manner as to allow the opposing party sufficient time to review, determine if subpoenas are necessary, and if so, permit sufficient time for service.  As a general rule, motions requiring witness testimony should not be set less than twelve days out from the date of Notice.

Personal appearances by the attorney of record, if any, and Defendant are necessary.  Counsel may file a Waiver of Appearance for his/her client for pretrial matters, but said Waiver must be filed at least two business days prior to the scheduled hearing date and shall include Defendant’s signature.

If a party moves to continue a case, the Motion to Continue shall be filed no later than two business days prior to the scheduled court date.  If a motion is untimely filed, and there is no Order filed by the Court, all parties shall appear as regularly scheduled. 

If Defendant or counsel requests an appearance date be reset outside of the current cycle, he or she must provide the request in writing.  The document may be emailed to the address listed above or faxed to 850-595-0383.   After review, the attorney or Defendant will be contacted with a decision.  Please include a valid phone number and mailing address. 

All warrants will remain outstanding until served unless recalled for sufficient reason and subject to approval of the Court. 


County Criminal Court is set on a five week cycle.  Arraignments are held Monday-Thursday at 8:30 a.m.  First Appearances are seen Monday-Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and on Friday at 9:30 a.m.  For a complete calendar, please contact Hayley Faulkner.  Below is a general guideline for Division IV’s calendar:

Week 1:
Arraignments (8:30 a.m.) and Video Appearances (1:30 p.m.) ~ 5 days

Week 2:
Arraignments (8:30 a.m.) and Video Appearances (1:30 p.m.) ~ 1 day
Plea Day (8:30 a.m.) ~ 1 day
Judge Trials and/or Motions (8:30 a.m.) ~ ½ day
Contested Traffic Hearings (1:30 p.m.) ~ ½ day
First Appearances (9:30 a.m.) ~ ½ day

Week 3:
Judge Trials and/or Motions (8:30 a.m.) ~ ½ day
T.E.A.M. Court (2:30 p.m.) ~ ½ day
Final Plea Day (8:30 a.m.) ~ 1 day

Week 4:
Jury Selections (8:30 a.m.) ~ 1 day
Jury Trial ~ 4 days depending on Arraignment and First Appearance rotation

Week 5:
Jury Selections (8:30 a.m.) ~ 1 day
Jury Trial ~ 4 days depending on Arraignment and First Appearance rotation