R. Todd Harris

Circuit Judge
Escambia County
G – Juvenile Court
Juvenile Delinquency; Juvenile Dependency
Judicial Assistant: 
Kristina Stefanko (Kristina.stefanko@flcourts1.gov)

Theodore Bruno Building, Juvenile Justice Center
1800 St. Mary Avenue
Pensacola FL 32501


Fax : 

Zoom Information: 441 960 4993

Telephone Appearance Preferences: With permission from the Court

Instructions for Submitting Proposed Orders: Motion and proposed order in Word format should be submitted to the JA via email. The proposed order must be in Word format. One copy of the motion and proposed order listing all case numbers on the first page is sufficient. Please do not submit one document per case number.

Divisional Order


Division G Zoom ID:  441 960 4993

*** This number is to be used for Judge Harris’s hearings only and not when covering for other divisions or specially set. ***

Use of Zoom for Court hearing is governed by Rule 8.255 of the

Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure

Please Note:

  • You must use your First and Last Name as your Participant ID.
  • If you are only appearing for one case, please put the case number and/or name for easy identification.
  • You must have audio and video enabled.  Voice only appearances are not allowed. 
  • You can access Zoom via APP or webpage:  https://zoom.us/signin
  • Attorneys are responsible for providing their clients with the Zoom meeting ID and to ensure that the client’s equipment is tested in advance. 
  • Please sign in at least five (5) minutes prior to your hearing time. 

Decorum, Attire and Proceedings:

  • Although the hearing is being conducted remotely, proper courtroom decorum shall be maintained. 
  • Participants should be in a quiet setting and minimize any external distractions.  Be aware of what is behind you and choose a solid neutral wall, if possible.
  • Dress like you are coming to the courthouse.
  • Do not walk around or move excessively while the hearing is in progress. 
  • Sit up straight. 
  • DO NOT DRIVE WHILE IN ATTENDANCE.  Participants who are driving or who appear to be driving will be immediately removed from the hearing.
  • To limit background noise, mute your microphone when you are not speaking.  Unmute your microphone prior to speaking.
  • Participants will be entered into a virtual waiting room, and they will be brought into the hearing when their case is called.
  • Due to high volume, please expect delays and wait until your case is called.
  • Please enter the meeting on mute.
  • Once your case is called, you may unmute as necessary, so you can actively participate.
  • If you ignore these instructions or any other instructions given to you by the judge, you will be muted and possibly removed from the meeting. 

To change your name while in a meeting:

1. Click on the “Participants” button at the top of the Zoom window.

2. Next, hover your mouse over your ID/name in the “Participants” list on the right side of the Zoom window.

Click on “Rename”.

3. Enter Your First and Last Name and click on “OK”.

4. If you are only appearing for one case, please put the case number and/or name as well for easy identification. 

Please contact the judge’s office with any questions.   



1.  When submitting a motion for the Judge’s review and/or requesting a hearing, the motion must be e-filed and emailed to the Judicial Assistant (“JA”) and all parties to the case. The motion must contain the following information and certification:

  • Case name, case number, and FID (if applicable) should be included in the subject line of any email sent to the court. When applicable, the specific child(ren) referenced in the motion or hearing requested should be included in the body of the email.  
  • “Hearing Request: John Doe 21 DP 000XX” should begin the Subject Line if appropriate.  
  • Type of hearing
  • Total time requested
  • Whether the motion needs to be set as soon as practical or whether the motion needs to be set further out (and how much further out)
  • The objection, if any, of each party
  • Number of witnesses and filing date of Witness List
  • Special accommodation requests to Court Administration by parties:

    -Interpreters (required language); child testimony witness room; experts and their time availability (names and times)

  • All party names must be listed in the certificate of service portion or must be included in the last page of the motion in the lower left-hand margin (cc:).  A catch-all statement of “all parties” is not sufficient.
  • When filing a motion, the movant certifies that a bona fide effort to agree and/or narrow the issues either has been made with opposing counsel/party or will be made before the hearing.

2.  A request for hearing shall be made in writing, accompanied by the motion, to the JA with the estimated time required for the hearing. Once a date and time has been provided, it is the movant’s responsibility to contact all parties to assure their availability and prepare a Notice of Hearing (“NOH”). If a party is not responsive, this information shall be included in the request and/or motion. The NOH will need to include the venue of the hearing whether it be via Zoom or in the courtroom.  A courtesy copy of the NOH shall be provided to the JA. The JA will no longer set hearings by email. 

3.  Motions must be filed in a timely manner as to allow the opposing party enough time to review, determine if subpoenas are necessary, and if so, permit sufficient time for service.  As a general rule, motions requiring witness testimony should not be set less than twelve days out from the date of Notice.

4.  A motion for continuance should be in writing and filed at least 24 hours prior to the hearing unless an emergency arises. The Court must approve all continuances. Parties agreeing does not guarantee a continuance will be granted.  If, after a motion has been set, a party needs to request a continuance or the motion is being withdrawn or conceded, please let opposing counsel and the Court know as soon as practical. 

5.  No party is permitted to “add on” additional motions to a previously scheduled hearing without the Court’s permission. Requests to add on motions must be submitted to the JA and should comply with all requirements listed above. NOTEThe Clerk’s Office does not provide Judge Harris with copies of motions submitted through the e-filing system.  Courtesy copies of motions, case law, statutes, memoranda and any other filings to be considered by the Court prior to the hearing should be provided to the JA.

6. If you are a practicing attorney appearing before Judge Harris, you should be checking your email at least once daily Monday – Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., unless you have previously notified the JA that you will be unavailable during a certain period of time.