R. Todd Harris

Circuit Judge
Escambia County
Juvenile Delinquency; Juvenile Dependency

Theodore Bruno Building, Juvenile Justice Center
1800 St. Mary Avenue
Pensacola FL 32501


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All Proposed Orders should be submitted via the Proposed Documents to Judiciary function at the Florida ePortal.

DIVISION G ZOOM Meeting ID#:  441 960 4993

ALL DELINQUENCY HEARINGS are conducted in person if Escambia County is in Phase 2.

DEPENDENCY HEARINGS, other than Dependency Adjudicatory and TPR Adjudicatory trials, are conducted via Zoom.  Shelter hearings are held both live and by Zoom, with the judge live from the courtroom and appearance by Zoom being optional.

Your Zoom ID must identify who you are, or you will be kept in the Zoom “Waiting Room” and possibly not allowed into the courtroom.  Upon entering the Zoom Courtroom, all parties are muted.  Once your case is called, you will be unmuted as necessary, so you can actively participate.  Do not speak until you are called upon by the judge.  If you repeatedly ignore the instruction to not keep yourself muted, then the judge will either place you back in the Waiting Room or remove you from the meeting.

Everyone should test their equipment before scheduled hearings in which their participation is needed.  If your audio does not work correctly and is distracting to the other participants, then you will be muted and only permitted to listen.  If your video does not work, then you may not provide any testimony.  If you were expected to appear and testify for your case, then repeated appearances wherein your audio or video is not working can cause a default ruling against you.

During hearings, parties should conduct themselves as they would in real-life courtroom hearings: appropriately prepared and without distractions while refraining from multitasking on other matters.  If your video is distracting due to your constant motion, or background distractions, then you will be warned and potentially removed from the hearing if the issue is not resolved.

Attorneys shall provide their clients with the Zoom meeting ID and ensure that the client’s equipment is tested in advance.