W. Joel Boles

Circuit Judge
Escambia County
"K" and "X"
General and Drug Court
Judicial Assistant: 
Kimberly Eaton

M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building
190 Governmental Center, 6th Floor
Pensacola, FL 32502


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Please note the information contained on this website is a brief overview of the division's policies regarding procedural matters and is only  intended as a general guide.

Division "K" in Escambia County is a general jurisdiction division which consists of felony criminal cases and circuit civil cases.  Division "X" in Escambia County is the drug court division.  

The following is a brief overview of procedures related to these division:

Docket Day begins at 9:00 a.m. and criminal jury selection is appriximately 1 1/2 weeks from Docket Day.  Criminal jury selection begins at 8:30 a.m.  Jury trials begin at 9:00 a.m. unless (due to the length of the trial) an earlier or later time has been agreed to by both counsel and the court.

Violation of probation hearings begin at 9:00 a.m. and occur generally on a monthly basis.  Contested violation of probation hearings are scheduled at 1:30 p.m. on the day set aside for VOPs.

Notices for Trial (jury and non-jury) are filed with the Clerk's office.  After the notice has been filed, contact the Judge's office to determine if a Case Management Conference needs to be scheduled or if the Court can prepare an Order for Pretrial Conference and Setting Trial on the next available civil trial docket.

Mediation is mandatory in all cases seeking a trial by jury.  The case is not ready for trial for the purposes of setting a trial date until the case has been mediated.

Drug Court for Division "X" is held every Tuesday at 7:00 a.m.


Effective January 1, 2016, proposed orders shall be delivered in the most convenient format whether by delivery, mail, or e-mail in Word format to my judicial assistant.


  • Your motions must be filed with the court before requesting hearing dates
  • It is preferred that hearings be coordinated by telephone.
  • Anyone trying to schedule a hearing shall coordinate with the opposing attorney(s) and pro se  parties using the dates and times provided by the judicial assistant to establish an agreeable date and time for the hearing.
  • If you are requesting an emergency hearing you will need to call my judicial assistant and advise the need or basis for the emergency.

First available hearing dates will be offered if the judge determines an emergency exists.

Requests to continue scheduled jury trials must be submitted well in advance of docket day (criminal) and/or the eharing date and may:

  • Be denied without hearing; or
  • Scheduled for eharing at the judge's discretion

Motions that are not resolved by the judge without a hearing as described below must be scheduled for hearing except:

  • Stipulated motions [Stipulated mostions MUST contain the signature of opposing counsel/parties, AND conform to Rules of Procedure], and
  • Motion to Withdraw filed by the Public Defender or Regional Conflict Counsel.

The Court will not enter a stipulated proposed order for substitution of counsel without written consent of the client as required by Rule 2.505(2)(2) Fla. R. Jud. Admin.

Hearings set on motions to dismiss, suppress and some bond hearings must allow sufficient time for service of subpoenas and notification of witnesses and/or victims.  In these cases, please check with the assistant state attorney's office to determine whether or not they require any lead time, prior to scheudling the matter for hearing.

Any stipulated motions to continue, modification of probation/community control or bond may be expedited if the moving counsel stated within the motion they have conferred with opposing counsel who has no objection or if opposing counsel indicates his or her approval by initialing the proposed order.  The judge will reveiw all files with a stipulated motion before deciding whether to approve the stipulation.  Note:  If submitting a motion for modification of probation or community control, and the correctional probation officer is not in agreemetn with a modification of probation/conmmunity control, it must be set for hearing.  Thus, it is important to include within the motion whether the correctional probation has any objection to the requested relief.


  • Only the party setting a hearing may cancel it.
  • Notify the judge's office via e-mail immediately of date, time and case number being cancelled.
  • A notice cancelling the hearing must be filed.
  • Final hearing are continued only with court approval.

When a hearing is initially scheduled, the time set aside for the original motion is deemed to be sufficient for that matter only.  Adding additional motions is not possible unless there are no objections by opposing counsel/parties to doing so and adequate additional time is available.


  • All motions for retrial, rehearing, and similar motons shall be reviewed by the judge to determine wheter a hearing is necessary.  If so, either the parties will be contacted or an Order Setting Hering will be issued by this office.  Otherwise, the judge will enter an order without a hearing.  [A courtesy proposed order should be provided.]
  • A courtesy copy of any filing is only needed when it has been filed through the e-Portal less than 10 busness days prior to sa scheduled hearing.
  • Motions should be titled to specifically state the purpose or relief being sought.
  • When more than one motion has been filed on the same or similar issue, the title should reflect that information, i.e., (Plaintiff's Second Motion to....)

Please note, the judge and judicial assistant do not have access to the e-Portal.  Due to the imaging process of the Clerk's office, it may take up to two (or more) business days for a document to be imaged and able to be accessed by this office.


  • Proposed orders not delivered through the run, by hand, or by mail shall be e-mailed directly to my judicial assistant in Word format to .
  • When appropriate, proposed orders may be submitted upon conclusion of the hearing.
  • Orders should be titled specifically to reference the motion and relief provided.
  • Orders resulting from a hearing must contain:
    -date of the hearing;
    -title of the motion;
    -parties appearances; and
    -findings of fact and ruling of the court.
  • When appropriate, a cover letter should accompany any proposed order that has been provided to opposing counsel prior to submission to the court, and it should indicate the date of the hearing and opposing counsel's position on the content of the order.
  • The judge's signature line must be on the same page as the "done and ordered" clause.
  • Unstipulated orders to motions are held five (5) business days prior to their submission to the judge to allow sufficient time for opposing counsel to review the content of the order and advise the court of any objection to the content of the order being submitted.



  • Location of hearing (either in chambers located on the 6th floor or in an assigned courtroom);
  • Time - you must indicate central tme first as it is the time zone this court is located.  If a party is in another time zone, you should indicate their time zone (i.e. 11:00 a.m. CT / 12:00 p.m. ET);
  • Amount of time reserved for hearing;
  • A certificate of service indicating the date the original was filed with the Clerk of Court and copy provided to each party to the action.  The complete mailing address needs to be included for each party along with their e-mail address (if known).


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●       Summary Administration Checklist

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