John Jay Gontarek

Circuit Judge
Okaloosa County
Family Law, Dependency, and Truancy
Judicial Assistant: 
Cheryl Gary

Okaloosa County Courthouse Annex Extension
1940 Lewis Turner Boulevard
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547


Zoom Information: All hearings are currently being conducted via Zoom, unless requested by the attorneys to be held in-person. You will receive your Zoom information upon confirmation of your hearing.

Telephone Appearance Preferences: Until otherwise noted, all remote hearings will be conducted via Zoom.

Instructions for Submitting Proposed Orders: Proposed orders must be submitted in Word format. They can be submitted either through the e-portal OR by email to Please only submit one way or the other, not both.

Instructions for Scheduling Hearings: Please email the JA at to schedule a hearing. Your email should include what motions will be heard, the date the motions were filed, and how much time is needed for the hearing. Please be sure to copy opposing counsel on the email, if any.

Other Divisional Instructions: Please do not submit any proposed orders without first getting the review and approval of opposing counsel, if there is any. Please indicate in your email or cover letter (if submitting through the e-portal) whether or not opposing counsel has reviewed the order and whether or not they had any objections as well as the date the hearing took place.