Lacey Powell Clark

Circuit Judge
Okaloosa County
Judicial Assistant: 
Amanda Bailey

Okaloosa County Courthouse Annex Extension
1940 Lewis Turner Boulevard, Suite 3-415
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547


With the exception of submitting proposed orders, all email should be sent to Judge Clark’s Judicial Assistant, Amanda Bailey at:

To Submit Proposed Orders:

All orders are date-stamped below the Judge’s electronic signature; therefore, a fill-in date line is no longer needed in the “DONE AND ORDERED” line. Instead, please use the following: “DONE AND ORDERED in Crestview, Okaloosa County, Florida.”

Please submit all proposed orders in MS Word format via the E-portal.

To Schedule Hearings:

Merely filing a motion or petition with the Clerk does not bring the matter before the judge.  It is the moving party’s responsibility to schedule the motion for a hearing with the judge’s office.  Prior to contacting the judge’s office to schedule a hearing, the motion must be filed with the Clerk.

First Preference: By Email

Send an email with copy to opposing party to: to request your hearing.

Include the case number, name of the pleading(s), and the amount of time requested.

Second Preference: By Phone (850) 609-5415

Before calling the Judicial Assistant, please conference call with the opposing party.

Have ready the case number, name of the pleading(s), and the amount of time requested.

            Important Notes:

Please ensure opposing parties are included on all email communications directed to the courts.

Please send a courtesy copy of the Notice of Hearing to the Judicial Assistant.

The Notice of Hearing shall include:

The date, time (Central Time), and location of the hearing,  

The total amount of time that has been scheduled for the hearing,

The full title of the motion being heard and the filing date,

If a response to the motion has been filed, include the title of the response and the filing date,

A Certificate of Service listing the name, address, and email address of all opposing counsel and pro se parties, and

The required ADA notice pursuant to Administrative Order 2015-32

To Cancel a Hearing:

Upon determination that a scheduled hearing is no longer necessary, please notify the Judge’s office as soon as possible.