Chris Ferry

Administrative Secretary: 
Felicia Robb
(850) 595-3724
Child Support Hearing Officer

Theodore Bruno Building

1800 St. Mary Avenue

Pensacola FL 32501

Instructions for Submitting Orders: All proposed orders should be submitted in Word format to


Instructions for Scheduling Hearings: All child support hearings are scheduled by the Department of Revenue. Hearings may be requested through their office located at 2205 La Vista Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504, or by filing the appropriate Petition/Motion with the Clerk of the Court, located on the second floor at 190 W. Government Street, Pensacola, FL 32502.


Other Divisional Instructions:

  • Please refer to the Florida Rules of Procedure and any First Judicial Circuit Administrative Order(s) applicable to your case.
  • A motion for continuance should be in writing and filed at least 24 hours prior to the hearing unless an emergency arises.


Telephone Appearance Guidelines: If you choose to appear by telephone, you must be sworn by a notary public or other individual authorized by law to administer an oath or you will not be permitted to participate in the hearing.


Remote Appearance Guidelines:

  • You can access Hearing Officer Ferry’s Zoom hearings via the Zoom App or at using the meeting ID 693-420-3651.
  • You must use your legal first and last name as your Participant ID.
  • You must have audio and video enabled. Voice-only appearances on Zoom are not permitted unless you have a notary public or other individual authorized by law to administer an oath with you at the time of your hearing. 
  • Participants will initially be admitted into a virtual waiting room and will be brought into the virtual hearing room when their case is called. Due to high case volume, please expect delays, wait patiently until your case is called, and do not hang up.

Decorum and Attire for Remote Proceedings:

  • Although the hearing is being conducted remotely, proper courtroom decorum should be maintained.
  • All exhibits and demonstrative aids needed for a Zoom hearing must be filed with the Clerk of Court and copied to the other parties no less than four (4) business days prior to the hearing date.
  • Participants should be in a quiet setting and minimize any external distractions during the hearing. 
  • Dress as if you were coming to the courthouse and be present from a location appropriate for a court hearing.
  • Please enter the meeting with your microphone muted. Once your case is called, you may unmute so you can actively participate in the hearing.


Tips for Success for Remote Proceedings:

  • A strong internet connection is helpful, and wired connections are more reliable than wireless. If you are using a cell phone for the hearing, you should use Wi-Fi, if possible, as cellular data may not provide sufficient connection speed.
  • Prior to your hearing, please be sure you are comfortable using Zoom. Test your connection. Have an alternative means to connect available as a back-up.