Magistrate Michelle A. Inere

Division E, Family Law
Administrative Secretary: 
Brittany Elliott
(850) 981-5531
(850) 981-5599

Santa Rosa County Courthouse
a4025 Avalon Blvd.
Milton, FL 32583 

Zoom Information:      

Personal Meeting ID: 658-039-3323 

Dial-in from telephone: 1-312-626-6799 (US Primary) 1-929-205-6099 (US Secondary). A Notary or other authorized person who can administer an oath is required for parties who call/dial-in only. If you are appearing via video feed, a Notary is not required.

Telephone Appearance Preferences:    

If the party has been authorized to appear telephonically, they may call the Magistrate’s office at the day and time of the hearing. A Notary or other authorized person who can administer an oath is required.

Instructions for Submitting Proposed Orders:

All proposed Orders on Magistrate cases must first be submitted to the Magistrate for review. Do NOT send them to the Circuit Judge.   

Proposed orders are to be filed through the E-Filing Portal, by way of the “E-filing Map” (unless otherwise directed by the Magistrate).  Select “Proposed Documents”; Santa Rosa; File Now. All proposed Orders for the Magistrate must be sent to the Magistrate’s office. 

The PDF Cover Letter is NOT required, but please feel free to attach one if there is information regarding the order that needs to be conveyed to the Court.   

Per Administrative Directive SRCAD2019-03 (effective 10/1/19)  All proposed orders for civil cases must include the following language: In cases wherein one party is unrepresented (pro se), it is the responsibility of the sole attorney in the case to serve within five business days this [order or judgment upon any pro se party who does not have access to and is not a registered user of the Florida Court e-Filing Portal.    

**the above should be at the end of the order, after the signature and in place of the certificate of service section  

Instructions for Scheduling Hearings:    

Please do not request a hearing unless all required forms have been submitted.  Please consult the Checklists on the SRC Clerk of Court Website for further information.            

When scheduling a hearing with Magistrate Inere’s office, it is preferable that the motioning party request a hearing time and date by e-mail with all parties copied. This will ensure that the hearing is on everyone’s calendar. Please include the parties’ names and case number in the subject line. Please ensure you “Reply All” when there are multiple parties included. However, if the motioning party is not able to request a hearing by e-mail, they may call the Magistrate’s office to schedule the hearing. All parties must be on the line at the time the motioning party places the call to the Magistrate’s office. All dates/times provided are the first available for the time requested.     

Please schedule adequate time and do not piggyback motions onto time already scheduled or another motion in the same case unless you check with the judicial assistant first as well as the opposing party.  The Magistrate will not hear motions which have not been properly scheduled.       

Please take note of the fact that there is probably another hearing scheduled after your hearing, and that if your hearing runs longer than scheduled you are affecting other attorneys and litigants.       

If a case or issue resolves, please notify the Magistrate's office immediately and cancel all scheduled hearings so time can be cleared for other hearings.  Valuable calendar time is lost because notice of cancellation is not given.  Time could be used for other hearings.                                                                                                                                                              

Hearings for Department of Revenue cases involving child support should be coordinated with the Department of Revenue.

Other Divisional Instructions:

Motions for Contempt must be served on the other party. You may either serve the party prior to requesting a hearing date or you may serve the other party after obtaining a date with the Motion for Contempt and Notice of Hearing.  

Notices of Hearing & Orders Setting Non-Jury Trial should include both the Zoom Information as well as the Exhibit Instructions.      

All attorneys and pro se litigants please be advised if there are any documents you would like the General Magistrate to reference during your hearing, you are required to e-file them at least three (3) business days prior to the hearing in the court file and serve them on the opposing party/counsel.  Documents refers to exhibits, case law, or any other document not previously filed in the court file. Pro Se litigants may hand deliver or mail their exhibits to the Family Law Division if they are unable to e-file them. Failing to submit the documents within this time frame may result in your documents not being permitted during the hearing.  

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