Stephen A. Pitre

Circuit Judge
Escambia County
Family Law
Judicial Assistant: 
Vanessa Barnett

M.C. Blanchard Judicial Building
190 Governmental Center, Sixth Floor Chambers
Pensacola, FL 32502

Fax : 
850-595-4437 (Faxes limited to 15 pages)

Instructions for Submitting Proposed Orders: All proposed orders should be emailed to the Judicial Assistant at in word format with a courtesy copy of the motion attached.  Special Affidavit Cases- proposed orders on special affidavit cases should not be emailed to us until the 15 days have passed, all required documents have been filed and there are no objections.

Instructions for Scheduling Hearings: a.  Set by email-Please send an email with a courtesy copy of the motion you are requesting the hearing on.  You will need to “cc” all parties (including pro se parties if email address is available).  Please include the Department of Revenue if they are a party to the case.  We will need to know how long of a hearing you are requesting.  (Typical Schedule:  CMC-15 minute/Contempt and Enforcement-1 hour/Relocation-1hour, etc.)  Approximately (3) dates/times will be sent.  If those dates are not convenient, an additional set of dates will be sent.  If still not convenient, we will request that you call our office to set the hearing.  It always helps to include a few dates that you are available or dates that you know that counsel is not available on your email. b. Set by phone- You will need to call and have opposing counsel on the line to coordinate.  Please make sure you have the case number ready and the date the motion that you are requesting the hearing on was filed. c. Please note- if opposing party is pro se and an email address is given, we will try to set the hearing based on all party’s availability.  If we do not receive a response from the pro se party, we will address them individually to try to get a response and indicate that if no response is given, that the hearing will be set on the availability of the opposing counsel and the court. d.  Once a hearing has been set, please do not try to add a motion.  e.  Do not file a notice of hearing until the hearing date/time has been confirmed.  When all parties have responded, the court will set the hearing on our calendar, confirm the hearing date and state that a notice of hearing needs to be filed with a courtesy copy sent to our office.  f.  Numerous hearings are set daily, and a date cannot be held for any reason.  We send out dates/times based on the court’s availability at the time of request.  If you do not respond in a timely manner, more than likely the date you request will not be available.  If there is difficulty in establishing a mutually agreeable hearing date, any party may request that the court establish a hearing date on its own without further coordination efforts.

Judicial assistants are neither qualified nor able to provide legal advice to anyone.